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Year 2019

Year 2019
Date of examination
Test Date
Test No. Korea Americas, Europe, Africa Asia and Oceania Remark
62nd January 13(Sun)     Will be carried out only in Korea
63rd April 21(Sun) April 20(Sat) April 21(Sun)  
64th May 19(Sun) May 18(Sat) May 19(Sun)  
65th July 7(Sun)   July 7(Sun)  
66th October 20(Sun) October 19(Sat) October 20(Sun)  
67th November 17(Sun) November 16(Sat) November 17(Sun)  


Application period (Korea-based)
Application period (Korea-based)
Test No. Period Method for Application Remark


From 9:00  December 11(Tue), 2018 to 18:00  December 17(Mon), 2018 (for 7 days)

 Korea: online application (individual & group)


 Overseas: submit to designated organization(s)

Will be carried out only in Korea
63rd From 9:00   January 24(Thu), 2019 to 18:00  January 31(Thu), 2019 (for 7 days)  
64th From 9:00  March 12(Tue), 2019 to 18:00  March 18(Mon), 2019 (for 7 days)  
65th From 9:00  May 21(Tue), 2019 to 18:00  May 27(Mon), 2019 (for 7 days)  
66th From 9:00  August 6(Tue), 2019 to 18:00  August 12(Mon), 2019 (for 7 days)  
67th From 9:00  September 3(Tue), 2019 to 18:00  Sepetember 9(Mon), 2019 (for 7 days)  

The application period for TOPIK test abroad may be different from that of Korea. You must check the schedule with the designated organization(s) at your preferred region/location for application.

Deadline for application and payment are same (no additional period for payment).

Result announcement
Examination results announcement date
Test No. 62nd 63rd 64th 65th 66th


Result announcement


31(Thu), 2019


30(Thu), 2019


27(Thu), 2019


1(Thu), 2019


28(Thu), 2019


19(Thu), 2019

The test results will be announced through TOPIK website(www.topik.go.kr) at 15:00 on the day of announcement.

The test results announcement date is subject to change depending on circumstances.

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