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For Test-Takers with Special Needs

  1. 1 Eligible persons
    • Those who have difficulty in taking examination due to disability or physical handicap stipulated by the Welfare for the Disabled Act
    • Those with visual impairment(including those with diseases such as retinal abnormality, glaucoma, etc), brain disorder(encephalopathy), physical disability, auditory impairment
  2. 2 Application procedure

    Online application → Submission of documents → Document verification and notification of action → Guidance on examination & management

    • After submitting the application form, contact the TOPIK Team (02-3668-1331)
    • After checking the required documents, guidance on examination, etc., is provided.
  3. 3 Submission of required documents
    • Application for the provision of assistance to the disabled(refer to the "Download the Forms" bulletin on the website and Regulation on the Examination for the Disabled)
    • Original doctor’s written diagnosis(doctor’s notice) issued by medical experts of general hospital – 1 set