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Notes for Test-Takers

You will be prohibited from taking the Test for Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) if:

  1. - You do not have a valid form of identification
  2. - You have a photocopy of an identification piece, and/or you use an identification item that is not on the list of authorized identification pieces
  3. - You wish to take the test at a location different from your application
  4. - You applied for a refund (regardless of its processing status)

Valid Forms of Identification (Within Korea):

  1. - Passport
  2. - Alien Registration Card
  3. - Domestic Residency Report Card
  4. - Driver’s License
  5. - Student Identification Card
  6. - Citizenship Registration Card
  7. - Youth Card
  8. - TOPIK Certificate of ID Verification

For locations outside of Korea, please contact the testing office for confirmation on acceptable forms of identification.

Prohibition on Distribution of Test Materials

All TOPIK testing materials (documents, questionnaires, etc.) cannot be shared, reproduced, nor distributed without a copyright owner’s permission, and it is strictly prohibited by the law. If violated, you can be accused of criminal/civil case in accordance with TOPIK Regulations.

General Notices and Regulations:
  1. - Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.
  2. - You are prohibited from leaving the testing room once the test has started, except in the case that permission is received by the proctor.
  3. - In the event you are permitted to leave the test area by the proctor, you will be required to fully cooperate with the requests of the proctor.
  4. - You will not be able to enter the testing room after 09:20 in the case of TOPIK I, and 12:20 in the case of TOPIK II.
  5. - You are prohibited from leaving the testing building during the break after the 1st period of TOPIK II.
  6. - You are required to surrender all electronic devices to the proctor prior to the start of the test.
  7. - Those who are found to be cheating and/or in violation of set rules and regulations will be subject to penalty, restrictions and/or legal action, in accordance with TOPIK Policies.
Structure by difficulty level
Test type period Test section (duration) Entry Until Start End Alotted Time (minutes)
TOPIK I 1st Listening & Reading ~09:20 10:00 11:40 Total 100
Listening(40)/Reading (60)
TOPIKII 1st Listening & Writing ~12:20 13:00 14:50 Total 110
Listening (50)/Writing (50)
2nd Reading ~15:10 15:20 16:30 Total 70

All electronic items, including but not limited to MP3 Players, Calculators, Radios, Bluetooth device, Smart Watch, laptop, Tablet, Portable Media Players, etc. must be surrendered to the proctor before the start of the test.

TOPIK Policy on Cheating:
Evaluation of Written Test Items
Violation Penalty
  • Attempting to look at other test-takers answer sheet
  • Continuing to write/answer after the end of the test has been announced
  • Refusal or inability to follow proctor’s instructions/directions
  • Refusal or inability to cooperate with the proctor’s request to verify identification and/or search for prohibited items
No test score/result issued
  • Attempting to look at ‘fraudulent items’.
  • Exchanging signals such as hand movements, sounds, answers via other methods of communication, with other test-takers
  • Possession or usage of any kind of electronic devices
  • Forcing other test-takers to reveal their answer sheet with any manner of coercion
  • Asking an individual different from the registered test-taker to take the test
  • Interrupting the test operation
  • Conducting any actions related to the dissemination or distribution of test contents (questions, tasks, essays, etc.)
  • Any other actions that the proctor judge to be as cheating
Ban from taking TOPIK for two (2) years

All notices provided in English are done as a convenience to the reader, however in the case of disputes or ambiguities; the governing language acknowledged is the Korean version.